entitled kids cure

ok, this is the follow up to my first post about spoiled kids in america and what we can do about it. remember i mentioned how well behaved my kids are and how i have been strict with them since day one? well here are a few of my secrets to accomplishing that. number one, start from day one, not day 1,065. when my oldest son was a baby he had his favorite little blanket that he slept with and i used to take it from him to gain leverage over him when he was misbehaving. that leads me to number two, identify your child’s favorite posession and take it from them until they change their behavior. i still use this technique with my son who is seventeen today only i’m taking his ipad or car privileges now instead of his blanket. number three, give your kids two chioces on what they can do in certain situations, but it’s not between one thing they want and one thing you want, it’s between two things you want. it gives them a little freedom, but you remain in the drivers seat. number four, give them an old fashioned spanking or washing their mouth out with soap early in childhood to get their attention, and then use it as a threat down the road to keep them honest. when i count to three, my kids are running on two and i feel sorry for parents who go beyond three because their kids don’t respect them. idle threats are useless, you have to back them up or they are a joke. and finally number five, give them both praise and criticism as they go up when they are good or bad so that they can learn the difference between the two. all praise and no criticism leads to little brats who won’t be able to function in the real world. i really believe that a child’s personality is set in place by the time they are five, so you have to act fast from day one to shape them into good people, otherwise they will end up being the kind of people your grandparents told you not to associate with. that’s all for now, i’ll continue to talk the cure for as long as we have kids who need help.

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kids in america are entitled to nothing

i think we have a real problem with kids in america today, mainly that they think they are better than they are. coasting through life playing video games and being told by their parents who fear them that they are great doesn’t lead to a model citizen of the future. i’m not sure how we got so far off track from the way that our parents and our grandparents were raised, but i sure would like to see some of these obnoxious kids today who think the world revolves around them taken out behind the woodshed to quote an old saying. i am so confused how these kids got so entitled, what have they done to accomplish anything? telling your kid he is great his whole childhood when he or she is really just mediocre is doing a serious disservice to them because eventually they will hit the real world a figure out they have been living a lie. why are parents so afraid to discipline their kids when that is exactly what they need in order to grow up to be responsible citizens. accountability and consequences for actions is how the real world functions, why put these things off for so long during childhood. i have been strict with my four children from day one and the result has been a constant stream of compliments about their behavior from people of all walks of life. it’s not that hard to do and in my next post i will detail a few secrets i have used very effectively over the years to raise my kids. stay tuned.

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